Gerhard Klügl was born in 1946, and ran a successful patent and brand research business in Landshut, Germany, for more than thirty years. In 2004, he moved to Liechtenstein where he set up his own practice for Aura Surgery (German website: In January 2019, he founded IAIM, The International Academy Of Integral Medicine (German website:

While studying building biology in 1984, he became interested in complementary healing methods. Subsequently, he met numerous psychic healers and psychic mediums in England, but the actual catalyst for his work as aura surgeon was his encounter in 1997 in Chelmsford with Stephen Turoff, a psychic surgeon who had a very impressive track record.

Gerhard Klügl sees himself as an “intermediary” who relays the information needed by the body to heal to where it is needed.

Over the last twenty years, Gerhard Klügl has developed and keeps refining his own, very special method of performing surgeries and other therapeutic interventions (e.g. acupuncture, injections, etc.) in the human energy field.

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