Healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a complementary therapy without any side effects.


Energy shortage or blockages in the aura cause illness. Once the energy system has been disrupted, the body becomes weakened and will lose the sense of well-being. Energy healing involves examination of the patient's aura to determine where the problem lies.


The disruption or imbalance in the frequency of the vibration correlate with disease, infection and injuries etc. Once the problem area has been identified the healer would tap into energy higher source which can then be directed with the great skill to the individual’s body as healing energy to where it is required. 


The healing takes place either on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels, as well as balancing and cleansing the chakras and working on the auric field. Healing offers patients, the opportunity for understanding their own bodies better and to realise their own hidden self-healing resources.


With Intuitive Energy Healing I channel the healing energy that is most suited to your needs at that time. While some of the work I do is quite esoteric and I do work with guides. Working intuitively, I ‘see’ the chakras and also get shown images which help me to see where you may be out of balance. Once we understand the reasons why we are out of balance it is then much easier for us to return to a state of wellbeing.


As you heal, you become more whole. Experiences which no longer serve you will drop away and you will naturally be able to create more of what you want in your life.


I believe everyone will benefit at some level from having their energy field cleared of negative energy blockages, and will therefore treat any and all conditions.