Medical Nutritional Intuition

With the ability to speak directly with Spirit in an informal, conversational manner, I can get precise answers regarding my client's complex health issues.


This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. I am able to intuitively see the energetic frequency of specific foods and advise each patient the specific foods which would support them energetically.


For example, by tuning to your digestive system I am able to receive the information what range of food is more suitable namely for you.


Eglute Jovaisaite


Maria  has successfully treated my digestion problems within a two sessions. She tuned into my digestive system and managed to communicate to my digestive organs. As a result, Maria was able to get very precise information on which food was good for me. I will highly recommend Maria  as a very talented and professional healer.

Suzanne Mitchel


During my first healing session which was essentially to do with stomach & food issues, amazing energy was transmitted & Maria was able to tell me exactly which foods on an energetic level were affecting me, so I went home with a long list of foods to both avoid & introduce. The healing session was so powerful I needed to rest for 24 hrs but over the next month as I followed Maria’s guidance the healing process that took place was miraculous as not only did my energy field feel more vibrant but my stomach healed & I naturally made the transition to virtually vegan. These healing energies are still at work a couple of months on just from one session.

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