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Simply Meditation in Business was created in 2013 for the prestigious Hale Clinic, Europe’s largest complementary medicine clinic. 


We carefully selected a variety of meditation and well-being tools that have been studied and researched by Harvard Medical School. 


Our techniques originate from a 5,000-year-old yoga system called Kriya Yoga, which is famous for being the fast path of meditation and self-awareness.

Dr Roshan Pankhania, PhD

Roshan has a wealth of experience, having certified in three different schools of yoga, practiced meditation and yoga for over 30 years and taught well-being and meditation for 15 years in 20 plus countries across four continents.


He also managed a yoga school internationally for five years in over 50 countries and is skilled in adapting courses for different cultures and in businesses. 


With a naturally calm and soothing demeanour, he has a natural ability to make students de-stress and feel the deepness of meditation. 


For 25-years Roshan also worked as a scientist, consultant and senior manager in the field of wastewater treatment and waste management.

Online Meditation

Are you stressed by daily life?

Do you have a busy lifestyle?

Are you struggling to sleep at night, do you need to cope and adapt with more agility?


If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you would benefit from learning to meditate and other well-being techniques found in Simply Meditation in Business.


It’s clear to see why so many people are afflicted.  We are living in a world of relentless change, having to do more in less time and still be able to find time for ourselves and our families. 


But the good news is that even if you are new to meditation, you can learn how to generate a peaceful state of mind in as little as 5 minutes.





Simply Meditation in Business is a holistic well-being system that creates a foundation for mental, physical and emotional well-being.  Using techniques in meditation, breathing, energization, relaxation, walking and self-analysis, you can start to re-engineer your life and shift from:

  • Stress to resilience

  • Disease to balance 

  • Fear to decisiveness

  • Chaos to productivity 


As stress directly affects sickness absence, turnover and productivity (Source: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), companies use our courses to primarily focus on three key objectives:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety and working days lost to ill health

  • Improving decision-making

  • Improving efficiency and productivity


The techniques that we use are equally suitable for both individuals and companies.

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Studies are showing that stress levels have doubled during Covid-19. According to the British Medical Journal, a second pandemic related to mental health is emerging, therefore, it’s important to put strategies in place to address this.


The statistics pre-Covid-19 were already quite alarming:

  • 1 in 3 employees have high levels of workplace stress

  • 54 % of all lost working days are due to stress, anxiety or depression

  • 75% of mental illness starts before the age of 18

  • Stress increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, weight gain, memory loss, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, quicker aging and more


Our one-to-one sessions and corporate courses have been attended by a wide spectrum of society.


Ranging from the youth, parents, employees, multi-national companies, mayors, politicians, actors, models, entrepreneurs and many others in over 50 countries.  

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Corporate mental health and well-being

 Simply Meditation in Business helped 135 staff members with stress relief, mental well-being and allowed them to better cope with the anxiety of Covid-19.  97 % of staff reported that Simply Meditation in Business helped them with their work. The average session rating was 92 %. Employees said that they felt re-charged afterwards, had better concentration, focus and clarity of mind. It was easier to prioritise, multi-task, be productive and not be distracted. They felt empowered to approach their workload, improving decision-making, project work and preparation for big meetings. The effects of Simply Meditation in Business lasted throughout the day and left an increased feeling of happiness.

GlaxoSmithKline, UK

Helping in hospitals and healthcare centres

Taught to medical and management staff in hospitals and healthcare centres to help them cope with stress, anxiety, insomnia and a very demanding work environment.

Simply Meditation in Business was found to develop better focus, clarity of mind and improved communication. Noticeably, there was a shift towards a more positive attitude, understanding and empathy between both staff and with patients.

NHS, England

Delivering on Business Objectives

As a result of regular scheduled sessions, colleagues were coming back to work feeling more energised, productive and efficient. The idea of “switching off and recharging” at the end of the working day was beginning to show its benefits and many attendees experienced an improvement in their sleep patterns. With the pressure to digitalise almost everything, we are now looking to take advantage of the virtual sessions, which provides clear deliverables against the main three objectives of improved mental health, productivity and decision-making.

Siemens, UK

Dramatic and Quick Results

Simply Meditation in Business is different from anything else I’ve tried, and I have tried quite a lot. The results were dramatic and really quick. In ten days, I was a different person. I was calmer and my relationships were much better, even with the difficult people in my life. Everything is so much richer; my whole experience of life is calmer, richer, and fuller.

Nefeli, Greece


To speak to Roshan or to receive further details contact at


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