Spirit Release /Space Clearing

I am able to clear Spirit Attachment from people and any unwanted energy from places and restore to a more balanced environment to work or live in. I am able to work distantly in some cases. You may experience noises, the movement or disappearance of objects etc.. These symptoms can indicate the need for an energy clearing.


If your business is failing, you have staffing, financial, service and/or customer issues then a clearance then may be just what you need.


Fees for house/business/building clearance are on application and depend on the location and size of the property or site. Please send me Request form with the number of bedrooms, number of floors and location. I will then provide a quote and if you are happy with that we can then arrange a date.


Cords are ties or connections, which can energetically connect a person with life situations, people, objects, places, thought forms – like a business or a project – or animals.


There are essentially good cords and negative cords.


Negative cords might also be unhealthily projected at you by other people; perhaps those who are jealous of you or your business, perhaps a person who has taken a liking to you and would like to date you or be intimate with you, a relative who wants to keep you “there” for them and many other life situations. However, the essence of a negative cord is that there is usually an agenda with it that is not in line with your highest good, and that means someone is trying to control you or an aspect of your life.


How would you know? Perhaps there is a physical situation that you feel trapped in a relationship or job, you have ongoing intrusive thoughts or dream about a particular person or situation, your energy levels are seriously depleted, or perhaps you are even suffering from a disease, pain or illness that doesn’t make sense. Or perhaps you get an intuitive feeling that there this is something wrong.

Suzanne Mitchel


''On my second session Maria was able to tell me I had a curse that was causing a heavy feeling in my head, this was from a past life experience bought forward to present time which she was able to remove & explain to me in detail who it involved & reason as to why. I felt renewed & lighter instantly after the session & again the effects of healing are on-going over a period of time not just on the day of healing...''

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