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by Maria Beremovich


Maria Beremovich is a talented Healer and Medical Intuitive with extensive background in Medicine for the past 25 years. She is one of London's most in-demand energy therapists, attracting clients from the UK and all around the world.

Comforting Hands

Teresa Hale

 Founder of Hale Clinic

Maria is a very caring compassionate healer who is totally committed to the well being of her patients.


Having shown consistently good results Maria was invited by founder Teresa Hale to work at the world renowned Hale Clinic which was opened by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in 1988. 

Accredited Healer BAHA 

Member of  Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)   and College of Medicine. 


Individual Healing

Individual healing combines different energetic techniques across medical intuition, body scanning and cosmo energy to facilitate your body's innate ability to return to a more balanced state.

40% OFF for Distant Healing

valid until 15/05/2021

Individual healing can be delivered remotely as energy is not limited so can be "sent" across time and space. This means that you can be in the comfort of your own environment. 

Group Distant Healing

Affordable group distant healing brings together a maximum of 10 people to participate in the same Energetic Healing activity. This creates a more amplified field of energy to achieve greater results for everyone that is involved. 

Energy Clearing

You may experience noises, the movement or disappearance of objects, being touched or watched, cold spots,  electrical breakdowns, unpleasant smells, seeing figures or movement, exhaustion or constant bad luck and blocks. These symptoms can indicate the need for an energy clearing

Distant Healing

Teresa Hale

Founder of Hale Clinic

Maria gave me a healing for a very painful hip. She relieved the physical pain and just as important I felt a deep feeling of peace, love and happiness after her healing.​ Maria is a very caring compassionate healer who is totally committed to the well being of her patients.

Donna Stewart


Maria has a natural connection with Spirit and delivers accurate proof of life with heart - centred empathy and care


Financial Analyst

I would describe Maria  as a very gifted healer who has ability to heal so deep on all levels. Her healing techniques feel gentle but extremely powerful. I also admire her sincere desire to help people and the purity of her heart. 



I would recommend Maria's healing sessions to everyone - she does them with true passion and love and she is very dedicated and professional. She has a unique talent and special ability that helps her to find the right cause of the health problem and the solution to it.

Wanda Hiler


Maria is a compassionate, loving and really amazing healer. I have had several distant healing sessions with Maria for the last two years and can wholehearted recommend her as a healer both for in person sessions and for distant healing sessions. Thank my dear Maria for all the amazing work you do!



valid until 15/05/2021



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