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You may experience noises, the movement or disappearance of objects, being touched or watched, cold spots, inexplicable puddles of water, electrical breakdowns, unpleasant smells, seeing figures or movement, exhaustion or constant bad luck and blocks. These symptoms can indicate the need for an energy clearing


Maria is able to clear Spirit Attachment from people and any unwanted energy from places and restore to a more balanced environment to work or live in. 


If your business is failing, you have staffing, financial, service and/or customer issues then a clearance then may be just what you need.


Fees for house/business/building clearance are on application and depend on the location and size of the property or site. Please send us request  with the number of bedrooms, number of floors and location. We will then provide a quote and if you are happy with that we can then arrange a date.


Light Center

49 Marylebone High Street
London W1U 5HJ

Brighter Spaces

2A Prebend Street, Islington,

London N1 8PT

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