Tania Pye

My 10 yo granddaughter was suffering with unrecognised body pains for many years. Her feet and hands were sore , she woke up and cry every night. 

First doctors thought it was a growing pain and it would go soon. Calpol was suggested as the only solution.
But with the time going the pains become even worse, especially when it was rain. Not only feet and hands but arms and legs were very sore, and her back as well. 

My lovely little girls woke up few times throughout the night, every night. And during the day she complained on pain in her lumps and back either.On the top of this problem she also got headaches as she couldn’t have enough rest. Believe me, it was heart breaking...

My little girl was seen in by various doctors in Chelsea &Westminter and St. Thomas’s hospitals. We are very thankful to all the doctors who were trying to help us. My little girl had all possible tests and scans. The Bechterew's disease was diagnosed.

Only a few issues were revealed and doctors could not understand what was causing such a severe pain and why rainy weather made it even worse... 

Two months ago when we were in the lockdown, my girl has become even worse, she suffered a lot, every night we put a deep heat cream on her lumps and back, massaging , trying to give her a bit of relief and to avoid painkillers, it had become too much !


At some point I had a conversation with my acquaintance and being absolutely exhausted and so much upset after a sleepless night,  I shared this problem with her. Bless her, this lady took our pain to heart. She had her own story. And she knew who could help us.

That’s how we met Maria. Thanks God we met her! Because she helped my girl!

At the beginning I was a bit reluctant to have distanced healing sessions, I could not get my head round: how is it going to work?But it was actually the only chance to do something to help my girl...

If you ask me: do you believe in a miracle? I will tell you: yes, now I believe! Because what Maria has done is a MIRACLE.

After the several sessions the pains have completely gone, my girl sleeps all night through! And even her eczema has gone! Her skin is now smooth and soft. 

Maria, thank you very much for everything you have done for my little girl! You have changed her life, you brought her back to normal life and happiness. Bless you and my child.

Donna Stewart

Writer Tutor Medium

Maria has a natural connection with Spirit and delivers accurate proof of life with heart - centred empathy and care


As a devout sceptic educated in the rational Newtonian world view that  matter is all that is , it took a diagnosis of Lymphocytic Leukaemia and the shocking realisation that the best that conventional medicine had to offer was a dose of chemotherapy, for me to consider alternatives.


I met  Maria at a Quantum Touch workshop.  The first time she ran healing energy by touching my feet I experienced a profound shift in consciousness that opened my eyes and mind-set to the realness of energy medicine.  I have since had about 10 sessions which have shrunk  the size of my lymphocytes by 50% thus far. I recommend Maria as a master of the art of energy healing.




A teenager from Russia

I froze my toes in February 2018 in Siberia. The temperatures was -40 C.
My mother sent a message  to Maria from a hospital because doctors said they will do an amputation on the next day. Maria gave an immediate distant healing for two hours in a row and one more session on the next day morning . When a doctor did again the examination, he was really surprised because the results were unbelievable. I was discharged from the hospital after three days. Words are not enough to thank you Maria! I can walk and run as all teenagers do again. I really appreciate Maria’s help.


Airline pilot, Sussex

Having suffered from Raynaud’s disease and had no circulation in my fingers for 5 years, I asked Maria to give me  a distance healing session.

After just one session full circulation returned and my hand is 100% better. Thank you very much Maria.

Mie Al-Missned


“Maria is my to go to person . She is the most honest gifted spiritual healer , I have encountered. I have had numerous healing sessions with her , both physically and in distance . When she told about a new AQ bed healing device that was invented by a Monk, I was intrigued . I hopped on to the bed , relaxed and it took me literally 3 minutes when I started to feel the tingling sensation , and I felt like I was being grounding like somehow something was pulling my energies down to the ground . I felt relaxed , rested and more importantly grounded.
I don’t have words how to describe the siren feeling I felt . And as the day went by I felt lighter, happier and more optimistic .
I would say the AQ machine definitely helped me and it was an amazing combination with Maria healing gifts .
I would definitely recommend it , healing makes a big difference to us.
I don’t say this lightly but it had a big impact on me.”

The founder of The Hale Clinic the world's leading complementary health centre, Writer,Teacher.

Maria gave me a healing for a very painful hip. She relieved the physical pain and just as important I felt a deep feeling of peace, love and happiness after her healing.

Maria is a very caring compassionate healer who is totally committed to the well being of her patients.

Carmen Harris

Writer, Healer, Practitioner

I’d had a bad cold for a week and this chair and it’s technology was a great treat! It has an aura already around it that immediately embraces the body. I could feel subtle energies and movement in what seemed like my blood flow and also the soles of my feet. Extremely relaxing and renewing, I didn’t want to get up!

Orsi Semmelweise


I have been having regular Healing sessions with Maria for over two years now. She is an open hearted and intuitive healer with finely tuned skills. After each session I feel recharged, balanced and happy and content. Maria brings not only her lovely personality, beautiful intuition and deep compassion to the sessions but also authentic presence and joyful warmth to the healing process.  I am grateful for all the changes she helped me make in my life!

Goisha Dudek, Musician


I would recommend Maria's healing sessions to everyone - she does them with true passion and love and she is very dedicated and professional. She has a unique talent and special ability that helps her to find the right cause of the health problem and the solution to it.

Wanda Hiler, Practitioner


Maria is a compassionate, loving and really amazing healer. I have had several distant healing sessions with Maria for the last two years and can wholehearted recommend her as a healer both for in person sessions and for distant healing sessions. Thank my dear Maria for all the amazing work you do!



I've met Maria  back in 2010 when we both attended healing sessions in London. I remember her showing some special psychic abilities the way she was seeing the healing happening on subtle levels. Yet it was Maria's sincere kindness that has really stood out for me. Back then she gave me lift a few times and I felt somehow that not only I can fully trust her but that I should really follow her in whatever she does as she was to change my life for good. My intuition was right! Not only Maria has always been there with healing, advices, her infinite love and desire to help that was so much welcome in this big city, she also defined my whole being and life by guiding me to my spiritual path.

 I would describe Maria  as a very gifted healer who has ability to heal so deep on all levels. Her healing techniques feel gentle but extremely powerful. I also admire her sincere desire to help people and the purity of her heart. I have strong faith that Maria can bring this infinite goodness in your life as she did it for me.



Maria Shyamala has successfully treated my digestion problems within a two sessions. She tuned into my digestive system and managed to communicate to my digestive organs. As a result, Maria Shyamala was able to get very precise information on which food was good for me. I will highly recommend Maria Shyamala as a very talented and professional healer.

Suzanne Mitchel


’I met Maria Shyamala through Bhakti Marga Uk & had been looking for a new healer to work with me for a while when a mutual friend introduced me.

I wanted someone who was a powerful Healer who could work on deep levels with past life, curses & attachments, & I found this in Maria.


On our first meeting I had a reading to do with present life time issues which bought me great clarification due to the detail Maria was able to give me & also started a powerful healing process within myself. Often I find issues start unravelling once something comes to our conscious mind & I knew this would be the first of many sessions.


During my first healing session which was essentially to do with stomach & food issues, amazing energy was transmitted & Maria was able to tell me exactly which foods on an energetic level were affecting me, so I went home with a long list of foods to both avoid & introduce.

The healing session was so powerful I needed to rest for 24 hrs but over the next month as I followed Maria’s guidance the healing process that took place was miraculous as not only did my energy field feel more vibrant but my stomach healed & I naturally made the transition to virtually vegan.

These healing energies are still at work a couple of months on just from one session.


On my second session Maria was able to tell me I had a curse that was causing a heavy feeling in my head, this was from a past life experience bought forward to present time which she was able to remove & explain to me in detail who it involved & reason as to why. I felt renewed & lighter instantly after the session & again the effects of healing are on-going over a period of time not just on the day of healing.


After 15 years of being on this journey of self-purification I know how important it is to be able to visit a healer regularly whom you can trust & be able to see the results of the work. Shyamala is an amazing channel for healing & I know I will be visiting once a month or as necessary in order to maintain full health in every level.’’


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