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Affordable group distant healing brings together a maximum of 10 people to participate in the same Energetic Healing activity. This creates a more amplified field of energy to achieve greater results for everyone that is involved. 


  • AFFORDABLE -£25-£35 for 45 minutes       

  • SAVE TIME  - Location is no longer a limiting factor

  • COMFORT - You are completely comfortable and at ease in your own space

  • SPACE GETS BENEFITS of the healing energy, too. Your loved ones, pets and visitors to the space will receive that loving energy and benefit from it too.

  • EFFECTIVE  -Group healing magnifies the intensity of energetic shifting by 1000%.

  • SMALL GROUPS - 10 or less people


Maria is so excited to open up the time and space for accessible and affordable Distant Group Healing.  


This is Cosmoenergy Healing session and everyone is welcome. Whether you’ve just discovered energy healing, or have been working with healing for years, you can take part – previous sessions with me are not required. 


All you need is a desire to lift your energy, to change something in your life for the better, and your own permission to receive the healing.


When we have multiple people coming together to participate in the same Energetic Healing activity, it creates a Morphogenic field of energy which amplifies the results. 



13th May Friday at 7pm

16th May at 7pm

18th May at 7pm

20th May at 7pm


From the comfort of your own home via ZOOM VIDEO MEETING.   

In order to receive your Healing Session, you will need to use the ZOOM APP. Maria suggests you download the App as soon as possible so you can become familiar with the tool and get ready for your session day.  


Download the Zoom App 


£35 for one session

£60 for the block of 2 sessions ( £30 per session)

£100 for the block of 4 sessions(£25 per session)


The Group Healing Session is 45 mins.



  • Ensure you are in a comfortable seated position or it is better if you are will be able to laying down during the session.  

  • According to the data protection rules, do not take screenshots, photos or make any recordings of the session.

  • All sessions are confidential.



  • Pregnant women or women who have given birth within last 10 days must have the GP/Midwife’s written consent to receive healing.

group healing


I have just completed a block of sessions of the Cosmoenergy healing with Maria and they are best distant healing sessions I have tried. Usually with distant healing you don't always know when it's happening or necessarily feel anything (depending on the technique and if the healer needs you to be present) but these sessions allow you to be there when it's happening and to relax and enjoy it. It's a very powerful technique and each session was amazing leaving me feeling relaxed and lighter after each one. Even though it's was done over zoom (given the current situation) you can actually feel the energy quite deeply which is what surprised me the most and I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

-Sabrina, london

A Supportive Hug

Maria is a pure channel of goodness and light and I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly group healing I had with her. Just having Maria as part of a gorup raises the vibration of the group into one of unity and love. The benefits of being on the healing group Maria is offering has been many including feeling more relaxed, grounded and improved sleep qualify. I highly recommend Maria’s service be it on a one to one basis or in a group setting. I feel deeply blessed for knowing Maria and having had the oportunity to work with her both on a one2one basis and now in a group setting. Thank you Maria for shining your light in world.

— Wanda, Paris

I’d like to share a little bit about group healing sessions with Maria.
These sessions have been happening on a Friday evening, which felt to be the ideal time really, as one could kind of get rid of all the pressure and stress collected throughout the work week. 

I have actually done several sessions with Maria by now (be it the individual ones or in a group) and funnily enough, I’ve been nearly always surprised when I started feeling in my body that the healing session has already begun. Somehow it feels good to be able feel that there is something really happening. (The mind loves this.) 
However, even when I fell
asleep, I always felt really relaxed and lovely after the session and if I could, I’d just go to bed right away, as I believe I’d sleep just like a Sleeping Beauty that night. 

I highly recommend the group or individual healing sessions with Maria to everybody. They’re a great support tool on one’s journey through life. 

— Beata, Reding

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

The healing is very timely, a great opportunity to boost one’s health while staying indorse.


I had my last healing after an issue with a knee and I felt how the energy went directly there.  It got healed after the online treatment so fast.


Despite this being a group session, the work was powerfully done individually. I would definitely recommend

— Anastassia, Switzerland 

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