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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Several anxiety disorders affect more adults throughout the world. It can be caused by a wide variety of life experiences ranging from seemingly innocent to overt trauma.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition that is usually characterised by fear or worry. This is how your body responds to stress naturally. The different types of anxiety disorders you are likely to experience are social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder, and generalised anxiety disorder.

What Causes Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety, as in other mental disorders, can have its origin in:

Genetic factors (functioning of the different brain structures involved)

Viruses (such as one of the over 60 varieties of Epstein-Barr virus or one of the over 30 varieties of shingles virus)

Toxic heavy metals (such as mercury, aluminium, and copper)

Grounding (to bring your focus to what is happening to you physically, either in your body or in your surroundings, instead of being trapped by the thoughts in your mind that are causing you to feel anxious)

Environmental factors (characteristic of the environment where the subject develops)

Personal factors (accumulated experiences throughout its evolutionary development). e.g., life experiences and self-perception.

What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety is a complex phenomenon that involves different aspects of the person:

· At the Physiological Level

Heart racing or palpitations, chest tightness, sweating, breathing difficulties, muscle tension, tremors, digestive discomfort, dizziness, or feeling unsteady.

· On a Cognitive and Emotional Level

Nervousness or anguish, catastrophic or negative thoughts, obsessive ideas, difficulties concentrating or keeping the mind blank, frequent forgetfulness and distractions, excessive worry, racing thoughts, difficulty making decisions, irascibility, depersonalisations, and derealisation.

· At the Behavioural Level

Blockages, avoidance of situations, hyper-vigilance, changes in sleeping or eating patterns, withdrawal in social relationships, lack of control in reactions.

The good thing there are several ways to manage this condition. First, you can seek treatment where you will be given anti-anxiety drugs to deal with the condition. The other option is going for a holistic method for anxiety treatment.

This involves using different natural methods that help do away with the root cause of the problem. Energy healing is another alternative medicine option that can also help you deal with this particular condition. They are quite effective and guarantee you the best results.

How Can Energy Healing Help With Anxiety?

Most people experience stress and anxiety every day. But the way we handle it is what can make life easier for us. Conventional medicine treats many patients with high levels of stress and anxiety. For example, it's common for doctors to prescribe popular anxiolytics like Prozac and Zoloft. But, as we have seen, the rate of addiction to these drugs has increased, often leading to other types of medicines and dependence.

This is why experts recommend energy healing or the use of any holistic method for anxiety treatment. With the help of energy healing, you can get rid of stress and anxiety without medication. Here is how energy healing can help with anxiety:

· Calming your body instantly- By practicing these exercises, you will immediately feel calm and relaxed.

· Connect with your body- When you use a holistic method for anxiety or energy healing to relieve stress and anxiety, you are in tune with your body's natural response.

· Lowers blood pressure- High levels of stress and anxiety increase blood pressure. When you practice energy medicine, you calm down and lower your blood pressure to a normal range.

If you are looking for a professional and in-demand energy therapist, Maria Beremovich must be your go-to choice. With years of hands-on, industry-related experience, she can help you attract concord and serenity. Get in touch now.

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