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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Guest Author Dr Roshan Manish Pankhania, PhD. Roshan has been teaching meditation, yoga and wellbeing for the last 15 years in over 20 countries to individuals and companies.

What the world needs right now is more positivity ?

We are living in a world right now where there is a lot of negativity and anxiety and it’s very easy to see why.

We are constantly in fear of Covid-19, finances, security, social isolation, job loss fears, worry about our relationships, our children’s future and so on. The list is endless, so where will we find joy, happiness and peace? Unless you choose to think differently, it’s very difficult.

Our mind can choose to be positive or negative, loving or fearful. That is a choice we can all make, depending on what we choose to focus on.

Meditation is key to increasing positivity and happiness

Meditation allows us to control our mind so that we can choose to be more positive. Your mind can be your best friend or your worse enemy, depending on what you focus it on.

Medical brain scans show that when people meditate, there is a much higher capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity.

That’s because meditation actually changes how our brain works by rewiring it. New neural connections associated with positive feelings are created in what is called neuroplasticity. That in turn boosts the health of both the mind and body.

Meditating doesn’t mean we should ignore the suffering in the world. However, dwelling only on the negative will not make us more positive. We need to find ways to go beyond our negativity so here are six strategies.

Six ways to become more positive and joyful

Learn to meditate.

Meditation is the number one strategy for becoming positive and joyful. The happiest people in the world are those that meditate. You too can learn how to do this by taking a meditation course, such as In meditation you also learn to become an observer of your thoughts and that allows you to transcend your negativity and open your heart to more positive feelings.

Look back at your life.

Think of the positive and happy moments. The time you fell in love, got married, bought a house or the birth of a child. Through these experiences, see how far you have come in life and how it has positively changed your life. Relive these positive memories rather than just holding onto your suffering and sad moments. Meditate on this.

Share your love.

Share your love and happiness so that you can also help others. The more you give love selflessly, the more you grow in it. You don’t need a reason to love, that would be conditioned love. Instead give love unconditionally, without reason, without any expectations. Think back to how different you felt when you did something charitable, gave money or offered a helping hand to someone in need. There is something very powerful and transformative about putting the needs of others before your own. We reap what we sow, the more you give the more you receive, this is the cycle of life. Meditation unlocks that love within so that we can share it with others.

Be less judging.

Instead of judging others in a negative way, do the opposite. See what is good and positive about them. When we judge others, we are often judging ourselves. It highlights something about us that we don’t want to accept or like. When you point a finger at someone else, another three fingers are actually are pointing back at yourself. Transform one negative thought of another person into three positive ones and realise just incredible they are and transform that relationship with them.

Find that child within.

Joy, happiness and love is what we have truly come in this world to experience. It’s how we started as a baby, full of love. That love is infectious, which everyone else around a baby also starts to feel. We need to find that love within once more. Meditation allows you to find that because it is a natural part of your being and not dependent upon anything external.

Be around happy and positive people.

The more you surround yourself with positive and joyful people, the more you will also become like them. In their presence also be yourself, don’t take yourself so seriously, dare to be different, smile, it’s okay to mistakes, laugh at yourself as well as with others.

If you are looking for a popular yoga and wellbeing teacher, known for getting results with his clients, contact Roshan today.


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