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Over the last twenty years, Gerhard Klügl has developed and keeps refining his own, very special method of performing surgeries and other therapeutic interventions (e.g. acupuncture, injections, etc.) in the human energy field.

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 Gerhard Klügl was born in 1946, and ran a successful patent and brand research business in Landshut, Germany, for more than thirty years. In 2004, he moved to Liechtenstein where he set up his own practice for Aura Surgery (German website: In January 2019, he founded IAIM, The International Academy Of Integral Medicine (German website:

While studying building biology in 1984, he became interested in complementary healing methods. Subsequently, he met numerous psychic healers and psychic mediums in England, but the actual catalyst for his work as aura surgeon was his encounter in 1997 in Chelmsford with Stephen Turoff, a psychic surgeon who had a very impressive track record.

Gerhard Klügl sees himself as an “intermediary” who relays the information needed by the body to heal to where it is needed.

Over the last twenty years, Gerhard Klügl has developed and keeps refining his own, very special method of performing surgeries and other therapeutic interventions (e.g. acupuncture, injections, etc.) in the human energy field.



Over the last twenty years, Gerhard Klügl has developed and keeps refining his own, very special method of performing surgeries and other therapeutic interventions (e.g. acupuncture, injections, etc.) in the human energy field.


The methods he uses in Aura Surgery are akin to the techniques applied by the medical profession when performing physical surgery or other interventions for specific indications (e.g. skeletal and muscular problems, etc.).

During the course of his work, Gerhard Klügl discovered that current physical, emotional and psychological problems may not only stem from physical causes, but may also be the result of mental and energy-related trauma. He found that, in many instances, the root cause is a specific stressful “experience” that also needs to be addressed if a treatment is to be successful. In the beginning, he gave this typically human set of experiences the name of “Karmic Patterns”, but has now started more neutrally to call it “Archetypal Patterns”.

However, not every kind of disease or injury can be treated with aura surgery.


This applies, for instance, to physical ailments such as Parkinson, poisoning, etc., and mental disorders such as Alzheimer / dementia, depression, mania, addictions, psychoses, etc.  In Germany, acute conditions must always be treated by a physician, unless the aura surgeon is a physician or an alternative practitioner who is allowed to make a diagnosis.

Anxieties and phobias, on the other hand, can often be successfully treated with Aura Surgery, because they are often rooted in a person’s own experience, or the experience of a family member, in this or a past life.

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20200216 Gerhard Portrait (1)

The energy-based surgical techniques applied in each instance largely, or entirely, reflect the techniques used in physical operations.


As a rule, these techniques are a result of Gerhard Klügl’s intuitively gained insights, and most of them were subsequently validated by physicians he has worked with over the years (surgeons and practitioners from other medical specialties).


Another important cornerstone of Aura Surgery is an in-depth knowledge of the biology (anatomy and physiology) of the human body.

An energy-based operation is essentially performed on the client’s energy field, i.e. the aura surgeon doesn’t directly touch the client’s body. Most of the time, corresponding surrogate aids (e.g. human organ anatomy models, models of the whole or part of the human skeleton, anatomical images, etc.) are used for the surgery or intervention. In some cases, Aura Surgery actually causes a physical scar to appear on the client’s physical body for a short period of time after the operation.

During energy-field surgery or interventions, the client may experience many different kinds of physical sensations (very rarely in the form of pain) or emotional reactions. These are understood as the body’s feedback on whether and what kind of operation or intervention is needed by, and useful for the client at this point in time.


Neither the procedure, nor the sequence of the interventions always matches how they are laid out in textbooks – they may be very specific to an individual. In some rare cases, where clients don’t feel anything and their body shows no reaction, this is seen as a sign by the client’s “system” that this kind of intervention or treatment is not appropriate just now.

To support and complement aura surgery treatments, Gerhard Klügl also uses a non-linear system to identify energetic imbalances and stress in the physical body, and to calculate the probability (in %) of improvement given a specific intervention.


Several existing theories and concepts lend themselves to explaining why Archetypal Patterns (e.g. different forms of violent death, medical experiments, …) are a part of our consciousness and, consequently, of our energy field.

The concept of reincarnation and karma is one possible explanation. Professor Ian Stevenson (1918-2007), an American psychiatrist at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, conducted scientific research on the topic of reincarnation for more than 40 years.


Investigating some 3,000 cases of children claiming to remember past lives, he established that emotions, memories, and physical features can be transferred from one life to another.

Epigenetic, an extensively researched topic in recent years, could be one of the underlying biological mechanisms of reincarnation. Scientists have discovered that our ancestors’ experiences can be passed from one generation to the next by way of bimolecular processes in our cells.


A molecular mechanism is responsible for altering how man’s 30,000 odd genes are expressed, although the actual gene, i.e. the information in the DNA, remains unchanged. This means that epigenetic changes can be reversed – a conclusion that has already been verified.

A concept that would complete the “picture” would be to postulate the existence of Archetypal Patterns in the morphic field as described by Rupert Sheldrake, the English biologist.


According to his theory, self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems by way of morphic resonance from previous members of the same species. Each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future.

Effectiveness & Treatment Success

To date, Gerhard Klügl has treated more than 15,000 clients. Not every treatment is equally successful. Sometimes, if the client’s energy field cannot be felt (approx. 10% of all clients), Aura Surgery is not possible. A client’s belief in whether Aura Surgery can be effective or not has no influence on how successful a treatment will be.

20200216 Gerhard AC Skelett
Eyes Closed

Measurement Of Changes During Aura Surgery Treatments

Optically visible changes in the energy field (Kirlian photography).

In 2001, Professor Dr. Gary F. Schwartz, Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Surgery of Harvard, Yale (currently Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, The University of Arizona) invited Gerhard Kluegl to Arizona to take part in an experiment that he had designed for him.

The result:

With the help of Kirlian photography it was shown that, during Aura Surgery treatment, each intervention has an immediate effect on the client’s energy field.  However, the experiment did not include measuring the stability of this effect over time.


Representation of energy changes using non-linear system (NLS) analysis:

In 2006, Gerhard Kluegl began to use a non-linear system during his treatments as an additional diagnostic tool for identifying imbalances in a client’s energy system.

The result:

Before-after comparisons of energy imbalances and the corresponding visual representations clearly show that successful Aura Surgery treatments positively affect a client’s energy system.


Physically measurable body weight changes:

In 2012, Klaus Volkamer, a German Dr. of Chemistry, carried out a series of tests to determine whether a treatment by Gerhard Kluegl to remove Archetypal Patterns from a client’s energy field leads to changes in the weight of the client’s body. Special precision weight scales were used for these measurements, which were made before the treatment (baseline weight), after each treatment step, after completion of the treatment, and, to conclude the experiment, 10 minutes after completion of the treatment.

The result:


During a treatment of approx. 20 minutes, the scales registered weight gains or losses of as much as 9 kilograms after each treatment step. However, 10 minutes after completion of the treatment, the weight had returned to the baseline value.



30TH JULY 2022



*Workshop is designed EXCLUSIVELY for people with a background in medicine (e.g. medical doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, massage therapists…), as well as accredited healers (with a well-founded knowledge of anatomy & physiology).



LONDON (Venue TBC soon)

DATE: 30TH JULY 2022

TIME: 10 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Contents :

-The scientific roots of Aura Surgery: General Physics, Quantum Physics, “Intelligent Spirit” (Max Planck)

-Information and energy as the foundation of all life

-Communication and dialog as the primary expression of life

-The relevance and impact of religion on Aura Surgery

-Aura Surgery and the physical representation of its effects (Kirlian photography, non-linear systems [NLS], weight scaX-ray)

-Questions & Answers

-Two Aura Surgery demonstrations of 90 minutes each*


10 a.m. – 11.30 p.m. Talk

11.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Questions & Answers

12.30 p.m. – 1.30 p.m. Lunch break 

1.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. Two Aura Surgery demonstrations


The Venue:

TBC soon


Early Bird (pay before 1/06/2022) - £25 

Normal    -  £30 



Maria Beremovich

*Invitation for demonstration subjects:


If you are interested in being one of the two demonstration subjects, please send to Maria Beremovich an email with a brief description of your problem as soon as possible. Anatomical problems such as back problems, knee problems, problems of the female organs, and allergies are most suited for demonstration purposes. Demonstration subjects must not have mental health problems or epilepsy.




DATE: TBC (2022)


This six-day Aura Surgery Workshop is designed EXLUSIVELY for  persons with a background in medicine (e.g. medical doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, …), as well as accredited healers (with a 

well-founded knowledge of anatomy & physiology). 



German-Language Links:


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    05/05/2016 - Quer-denken TV - 1 hour, 44 min


  • Gerhard Kluegl - The Aura Surgeon“
    (“Gerhard Klügl - Der Aurachirurg“)
    04/01/2013 – Mystica TV – 36 min


  • Gerhard Kluegl: Aura Surgery – Energy Work On The Human Aura“
    (“Gerhard Klügl - Aurachirurgie - Feinstoffliches Arbeiten in der Aura“)
    17/09/2013 – 2nd German NES Congress, Berlin 2011 – 27 min

Other Links:
Brigitte Kellermann, organization of German-language workshops, Aura Surgery, etc.

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