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Spiritual Realignment


Correct the misalignment of the pelvis and the uneven length of the legs

in one instant without touching the body.​

Spiritual Realignment is a sacred and powerful energy of pure divine love. It is the gate to the universal, spiritual science and to higher areas of existence of everything that has been, that is and will be. It represents a quantum leap in the consciousness of spiritual healing.

The Spiritual Spine Realignment
does not have to be repeated. 


Aruni Sandy Pendleton

I was totally surprised! Not only was there no touching involved, the alignment took less than a minute! But, the results speak for themselves. I felt like I had a different body. My feet turned out, since I was a child, which impacted my whole body over the years. Now after the spiritual alignment, I am standing flat on my feet for the first time in 40 years. This change realigned, my knees, pelvis, back and neck. Now I'm much more comfortable in my body, and I can sit up straighter without having to work at it. I highly recommend this amazing treatment!

Rick Stanton

I was not sure what to expect but I was willing to give myself with belief to Maria's practice and trust her. It was nothing short of a miracle that she performed with photographic evidence to show me of the realignment of my spine. I can feel the muscles moving in my back. This is an incredible opportunity available for people in pain that feel misaligned, distorted, out of balance to come back to center balance and I'm really excited to move my body and I'm really grateful. So, thank you so much Maria! I would highly recommend that you give yourself an opportunity to heal through this amazing technique.

Spiritual Spine Realignment  encompasses the whole person. It aligns the mind, body, cleanses and frees the soul. This re-programming of the person’s life occurs simultaneously on many levels, allowing the entire heart, mind and spirit-organism to heal. Spiritual Spine Realignment provides unique and lasting healing, which has been reported by hundreds of thousands of people across the world.


True physical healing only happens on a divine-spiritual level. It evokes life and works its way from there through the soul into the spine and animates cells of the body to renew, restore and perfect themselves.
Once the doors of our inner being are open and the body-mind-spirit-system is connected thanks to the realignment, a new powerful vibration has the chance to fill our lives. New consciousness radiates and flows through every cell of our body. The divine consciousness has awakened.

The power of the Spine Realignment is omnipresent in a matter of seconds, manifested in us omnisciently and omnipotently. This higher intelligence knows what is beneficial for mankind and what must be done for harmony and healing.

People with various physical and mental symptoms, who at one point were considered untreatable by conventional medicine, have been able to find healing through the release and realignment of the body. Essentially all these illnesses are caused by a displacement of the spinal column, because all vital organs, control centres and meridians are attached to it.  The spinal column is the vital structure of the human being, which stores all the information that is sent to the various parts of the body.   

The Atlas is the highest cervical vertebra and is misaligned or dislocated most people. This anomaly is suspected of being the cause of many physical and mental disorders as the spinal cord and nerves are under constant pressure. The energetic realignment and repositioning of the Atlas is achieved by energetic impulses which activate the self-healing powers of the body. When self-healing powers are activated, self-regulation becomes possible.


Spiritual Realignment is releasing deep-seated tensions and adhesions in the tissues of the body.
Blockages or traumas that have manifested in the tissue can be dissolved, so that the whole system can be brought to harmony.Blocked energies can flow freely and unhindered, the self-healing powers will be activated, the immune system is strengthened and stress is reduced in order for the body and soul to find harmony.


​Realignment of the body occurs very gently and correct the misalignment of the pelvis and the uneven length of the legs in one instant without touching the body.The elimination of this displacement is the appropriate way to bring healing to the entire body, the soul and the spirit.


Often the client may feel a light, pleasant sensation.  An enormous energetic increase takes place during the treatment, preparing the way for further physical and spiritual development. The resulting free flow of energy stimulates the person’s life force, which can now fully expand. This life energy is self-regulating and will assist in dissolving old blocks and debilitating patterns. 

The Spiritual Realignment does not have to be repeated.

Follow-up treatments of Energy Healing are only provided when requested for chronic, mental and emotional issues.

Spiritual Realignment


The spine contains the two most important time lines - the prenatal period and the entire human life plan. The energy of Spiritual Straightening passes through these time lines of our being, past experiences and blockages are alleviated and released. All the functionality of our bodies depends on the spine: nervous system, organs, glands, respiratory and digestive organs.

back pain and Divine Straightening

Herniated disc

There are 23 cushion-like intervertebral discs between the vertebrae of the spine. They are 80-85% water and, like all fluids, represent our emotions ,mental and spiritual processes. Spiritual Straightening releases a corset of imprinted life patterns and blockages, so that the intervertebral discs are freed from the emotional weight that has often accumulated over the years. Your cells are filled with vitality so that they can once again continuously supply energy.

Divine Straightening

Prenatal period

Already in the prenatal phase the energy structures of the physical, mental and spiritual plan are formed. Imposed beliefs and emotional patterns manifest themselves in the conscious and subconscious mind. They all interfere with the free flow of life force in the spinal column.In response to this, the body causes the spine to curve, shift and twist, resulting in blockages at closely related points. 

Young woman with poor posture using laptop while sitting on stool against grey background,

Spinal curvature

Curvature of the spine negatively affects our energy supply and well-being. One does not receive enough energy - mental, spiritual and physical. The deformation of the spine causes wear and tear on the muscles and also affects the internal organs which can lead to breathing or cardiac problems, as the chest cavity narrows. The abdominal organs, such as the liver, also have not adequate space to function properly.

Back Pain Bad Posture and  Divine Straightening

Back pain and poor posture 

An upright spine is essential for a successful, healthy and spiritual life, filled with meaning and joy of living.The shape of the spine reflects the familiar state of mind which closely link our emotional state to the spine and to the postures we occupy: to be unsteady or steadfast, to walk through life upright or bent over, or to have fear sitting on the back of our head.

pelvic pain andDivine Straightening

Correcting pelvic obliquity

The pelvis is the mediator between the upper and lower body. Its functions are stabilisation, movement, balance and support. Pelvic misalignment leads to loss of balance and disturbed flow of energy.
Our spine, cellular consciousness and a special psoas muscle  in the pelvis are the carriers of prenatal energy and its imprints.The psoas holds the personal experience of a person from the moment of conception to the present day. Due to prenatal patterns and accumulated fears and experiences, the psoas is almost always overloaded, shortened and strained.

  • What happens when you straighten up?
    Release of blockages, conception- and life-patterns   Establishing balance of physical and mental concerns, and emotional stress Liberation and straightening of the spine Spiritual pelvic curvature correction - without physical contact Impulse of powerful regeneration and self-healing processes Experience of a new internal and external order Activation of life’s potential Boost confidence and clarity  
  • Who benefits through Spiritual Realignment ?
    Everyone, regardless of age, health condition or cultural origin, can use this unique type of energy-work for their healing and development - children, adults and seniors, pregnant women, spiritual seekers and therapists. Spiritual realignment is also aimed specifically at healthy people, athletes, yoga practitioners, dancers, managers, because it has a preventive effect and serves to boost energy. The life potential is awakened and the life plan, which every person brings with them as a mandate, is expressed more clearly.
  • How long does Spiritual Realignment last?
    Spiritual Realignment is a divine reorientation with the impulse for self-healing and is therefore permanent!
  • Can I bring someone to accompany me on the healing day?
    Accompanying persons are always welcome
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