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What is Spiritual Realignment® used for?

  • Correct the misalignment of the pelvis and the uneven length of the legs in one instant without touching the body.

  • Reducing back pain

  • Realigning bones and structure

  • Rapid sports injury recovery

  • Accelerated healing

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

  • Soft Tissue Injury

  • Alternative pain relief


The effect of the  healing process

Spiritual Realignment® covers and includes the whole person in its Trinity of Body, Soul and Spirit.

Its aim is a holistic healing process. Its high frequencies actuate body-intelligence, and transforms the consciousness of cell-time structure. The chain of causes is eased, and what fell out of balance, due to discord in the past, can heal.

Spiritual Realignment® happens in only one single encounter. Without body-contact, without manipulation; in a matter of seconds and completely painless. With great love for human beings and their lives, healing-energy is transmitted with great care.

The power of Spiritual Realignment® penetrates human consciousness, and flows through the entire organism, the spine (the main energy channel), the nervous system, the glandular system and the organs. It has a liberating effect on the psyche, and a harmonising effect on the soul.


The Spiritual Realignment does not have to be repeated. Follow-up treatments are provided when requested for chronic, mental and emotional issues.





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Energy is the essence of life. Through psychic healing, Maria aims to rebalance the energy of the body and restore it to its natural form⁠ — a state of creation instead of destruction; of peace instead of chaos.

The different energies from space are miraculous. They not only help the body remove toxins and negativity, but revitalise it with positivity and holistic wellbeing.

Maria’s ability to channel these energy frequencies towards the body is what creates resonance. In a resonant state, the body can begin to heal.


Harnessing the power and intelligence of the body, Maria’s natural healing methods focus on holistic wellbeing. Her various healing techniques reduce physical pain, remove stress, and enhance the body’s natural energy.


The body can resonate to the higher frequency, thus amplifying the body's ability to heal itself.​ It is a highly effective method for:

  • Reducing pain

  • Realigning structure

  • Balancing chakras

  • Reducing muscle aches


Cosmoenergy - is unique holistic wellbeing healing practice founded in Russia.


This healing technique combines ancient Eastern, Asian, and Vedic knowledge and recognises 40 different healing frequencies for a wide range of illnesses for example asthma, allergies, back problems etc. A specific frequency is used to heal a specific illness.

Maria has an access to opening Cosmoenergy channels, with the primary function to clean and balance the human energy and energy field.


Cosmoenergy channels purify chakras, changing their programs from destructive to creative. This leads to the proper functioning of all organs and systems within the body. Thus, the process of self-healing is activated.


The energies from space are miraculous because besides the potential of healing the physical body from diseases accumulated over the years they rejuvenate and restore human energy by removing negativity, making the human bio-field pure and dense, resistant to external influences. 

Over the past 25 years, a significant number of scientific and medical studies have been carried out, patents have been received on the treatment of various diseases - which was the basis for the entry of the Federation of Cosmo Energy into the World Health Organization (WHO).Read..

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Maria is a medical intuitive with the ability to sense different energies and channel them for healing. Before energy is channeled, it is essential she understands the root of the problem: what is causing the stress and anxiety?

A medical intuition gives Maria a clear understanding of your energy system. With this knowledge, she can identify which energy frequencies would be most important for your natural healing.

The work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment.

  • An assessment of your current state of physical health, identifying any body imbalances you may be experiencing 

  • A review of your seven chakras to understand your alignment and any blockages to your vital energy centre

  • An exploration of your historical and/or past-life events, which may be having an influence on your emotional well-being

  • A holistic approach to supporting your healing process energetically




The medical intuitive assessment is intended to open our energies to the areas of our lives and our selves that are most in need of repair. The first step when assisting you on your journey towards healing is to pay close attention to your mind, body and spirit.


Maria is Intuitive Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive, which enable her to access a wide range of frequencies when identifying the factors that could be negatively affecting your energetic systems, physical strength, emotional health and spiritual vitality.


The result is having a clear understanding of and the necessary information to embark on your next step in the healing process. The medical intuitive assessment provides you with the support you need to restore your health with whatever route you choose thereafter, be it holistic, or otherwise.


Maria is able to clear Spirit Attachment from people and any unwanted energy from places and restore to a more balanced environment to work or live in.She is able to work distantly in some cases. You may experience noises, the movement or disappearance of objects etc.. These symptoms can indicate the need for an energy clearing.


If your business is failing, you have staffing, financial, service and/or customer issues then a clearance then may be just what you need.


Fees for house/business/building clearance are on application and depend on the location and size of the property or site. Please send us request  with the number of bedrooms, number of floors and location. We will then provide a quote and if you are happy with that we can then arrange a date.


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